Trademarks & Brand Protection

Trademarks & Brand Protection

Trademarks and brand recognition often are among the most valuable assets in a business. Safeguarding those intellectual property rights ranks among the foremost concerns for any business. At The Tannenbaum Law Group, our attorneys provide a full range of services to assist clients in protecting, maximizing, and monetizing those important rights.

Our trademark and brand protection experience extends over more than 20 years. We routinely work with individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes in many different industries to develop and protect intellectual property rights.

Trademark Development and Registration

A cornerstone of our intellectual property practice involves working with clients’ trademark portfolios, including counseling on selection and registration of new marks for services and products. We conduct brand and name clearance research as part of that process. In managing and augmenting a portfolio for a client, we develop strategies directed at maximizing the client's intellectual property rights.

Brand Monitoring

Securing registration is just the first step in developing and protecting a brand. Trademarks and brands must be maintained and monitored closely for potential abuse and infringement.

When we assist clients with intellectual property issues, our services include monitoring filings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to identify applications that potentially infringe on our clients’ rights. We also check domain registrations and the internet for inappropriate or infringing uses. If we find an instance of infringement, we immediately issue a Cease & Desist letter to the responsible party.

Our clients count on us to build solid, protected branding strategies with ongoing multi-tiered monitoring to ensure that any infringement is identified and halted as quickly as possible.

Our Delaware Valley Offices

With offices in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware, The Tannenbaum Law Group serves clients in southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and parts of New Jersey. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida and Virginia.